Hair Transplant Surgery to Overcome Baldness

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Hair loss is one of the major health issues. This may cause due to many reasons. Especially among men baldness is caused by heredity. Lost hairs are difficult to regain. There are many hair oils and specific medications suggested for fighting with hair loss. However, most of them can prevent hair loss but cannot grow hairs that are already lost. Usually much of hair loss is found on the central part of head and hairs remain on sides.

Hair transplant surgery is a surgical solution to this issue. This procedure can provide men fuller looking head with hairs on every part. So, thinning of hair and baldness bothers us, hair transplant can be the answer.

In this surgery, hair transplant surgeon ( uses our own grown hair to fill in the areas where there are thin or no hair at all. Initially surgeon injects medicine on back of our head to numb the part. Required hair would be taken from this area. Then surgeon removes upper layer of scalp skin in strips of 6 to 10 inches or sews the area. Thus the area from where the skin strips are removed would be immediately covered with adjacent hair.

In another process the area is shaved and surgeons remove hair follicles one by one from the area. Hairs grow after a sufficient interval on this area as usual.

The next procedure is same in both the cases. In the area where hair transplant is to be made, surgeons make holes with a needle or with a scalpel after numbing this area. The skin strip taken away from back of head is divided in sufficient numbers of grafts by cutting them separate. Usually they make 500 to 2000 grafts that are dedicatedly placed one by one in each hole. Thus patients get natural hair in the affected area and would have a fuller head with hair on every part.

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